Conduct & Rules!

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Conduct & Rules!

Post by BlueTrigger on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:17 pm

I know, I know, No one likes rules! But in order to function properly we need to establish some forum basics!


a] No body has to use their real name if they don't feel comfortable. Don't ask people!

b] Players should participate in events when able. Inactivity for longer than 2 weekswill be addressed by the Krew, and we will decide whether to boot you or not. UNLESS: You tell me you're going on vacation, or aren't able to play for a couple weeks, etc. This is not to be mean, this is to provide our members with the best possible chances of winning events, and getting special items!

c] Do NOT attack other players. If you witness this happen, please screenshot it, and report it directly to me. Parties involved will be dealt with accordingly. Do not engage and worsen the situation. You can defend yourself, of course, but please don't berate the other player back. Remember we are here to have fun!

d] Enjoy yourself above all else!
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